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Alarm Control Panels

Also, when considering outdoor beams, ensure that they have sufficient immunity to false alarms. The last thing you want is to annoy your alarm response company and your neighbours with false alarms. Also the RoboGuard is highly configurable to compensate for pets and large birds like hadedas.

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The warning devices that are placed or installed in small confined places, houses or small offices are composed of multiple buttons, sensors, detectors and display. The instruments on which these buttons, sensors and detectors are mounted on are called as Control Panel. The alarm control panels are usually installed in the under-croft, convenience room or cellar, or out of reach.

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Alarm Control Panels retailed by Innovative Computing are:


1. Premium 832 Control Panel
2. Premium 412 Control Panel
2. Premium 412 Alarm Kit.

The 832 Control Panel is designed to have 8 to 32 zones as may be required and 4 partitions, whereas 412 kit is designed to have 8 16 zones and 2 partitions. Also every user of the panel will be allocated a entry code. Every code has its own specification, not all entry codes will grant you access to all the functions of the alarm control panel.

Alarm Control Panels are adept in tracking fire detecting appliances as smoke detectors and also notifies if any fire panic situation is detected. The instrument is also designed to send signals of the emergency or any panic situation that it detects to the observing station via telephone lines, internet (IP) and radio link..

The Alarm Control Panels are highly complicated security systems consisting of the following attributes:

• Alarm Bell
• Zones (expandable)
• Remote control with tone
• Partitions
• User codes
• Aux Input
• Event Log
• Consolidate Unit to communicate
• 6x100mA Outputs
• 2x1A Supervised Outputs
• UDL port/Printer

IP connectivity to monitor your alarm from your Smarphone. It enables you to arm/disarm, bypass zones and view the event log from anywherein the world !

Installation Of the Alarm Control Panel:

1. Draft the arrangement: this involves making a plain/basic outline of the area, helps you to know better where to install the device and its components.
2. Erecting the Panel: the panel should be fixed in a dry area, which has easy access to the telephones and a open power source. All the wiring of the panels have to done before connecting it to the power source or to the battery.
3. Assembling the keypad to the panel
4. Position all the warning devices and bridge them all to the control panel. Complete all the other wirings of the alarm bells and telephones.
5. Connecting to Power Supply : Once all the basic steps mentioned above are completely, check it any wires or connections are loose. Then connect the panel to the main power supply by connecting the positive end first, then the negative end and then the AC supply.
6. Scheming the System: it involves the setting up the system to meet the customers’ needs.
7. Testing the System : Try-out the system properly to make sure that the panel is doing all the roles it is programmed for.

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