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CCTV Cameras

The next option to consider is CCTV with remote viewing. Take this scenario, you are away on holiday and your alarm is triggered. You are not sure whether your security has been breached and you start to panic. You need to rely on neighbours or a friend to accompany the security response company to investigate. With remote viewing CCTV, you can monitor your home from your Smartphone. This is a little expensive but for the added comfort of knowing whether an intruder is in your property, it’s worth it.

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What is CCTV Camera/System?

CCTV Camera stands for Closed circuit television camera. CCTV cameras are ideally used for purposes of surveillance and monitoring with high levels of digital recording, be it from a digital video camera or from a still camera. These cameras can be wired onto a network via Ethernet cables or even be connected via Wi-Fi to enable recording of the content, for duration, which is dependent on the capacity of the video recorder system. The Digital video recorder has the capability to store via the capture card into a PC. The data stored can be analogue or digital, depending on the kind of CCTV System and Camera installed.

Uses of CCTV Cameras or Systems

CCTV Systems and Cameras can be used indoors as well as outdoors and depend on the length of view you wish to capture. You even have a choice of procuring Day, Night Cameras for 24 hour surveillance purposes. You could even opt for IP Cameras since they come with many more advanced features. Bullet Cameras with audio, video recordings can be really effective as well.

CCTV Systems are found all across, nowadays, be it malls, offices, traffic junctions, even on the streets.

Advantages of CCTV Systems/Cameras

Certain advantages associated with CCTV Systems and Camera is as follows:

  • 1. Records, tracks and maintains: CCTV Systems and Camera have the possibility to record and maintain records as per the duration you require it for.
  • 2. This can be of great help within an office for reasons such as increasing productivity, reducing verbal abuse, or wrong use of the company`s assets.
  • 3. CCTV Systems and Camera footing can be used by the police and lawyers as evidence in case of disputes.
  • 4. Shop lifting has been inhibited to a large extent, thanks to the installation of CCTV Systems and Cameras.
  • 5. Crime rate has gone down in public areas tremendously.
  • 6. CCTV Systems and Cameras enable keeping an eye on areas which are within the scope of the installed area.

Most notable disadvantages associated with CCTV Systems and Camera is as follows:


  • 1. The view and the length of monitoring is only limited to the areas within which these are installed.
  • 2. The installation costs depending on the kind of cameras used can go up tremendously.
  • 3. An Annual Maintenance Contract would be required for upkeep and upgrades.
  • 4. In certain cases, the element of privacy is completely disregarded
  • 5. Untimely downtime of the network can break down the complete system and permit theft or any crimes.


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