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Alarm Passives

Intrusion Detection: The most common types employed are Passive Infrared devices or Pir detectors. These are basically motion detectors that are connected to an alarm panel. If the intruder gains access to your home, then this would cause sirens or sound bombs to go off. Usually this is too late as the intruder can still get away with small electronic goods.

Features of the outdoor beams of Innovative computing


What is Outdoor Beams?

Outdoor beams are fixed outside the homes that function as a detector. The most general types of Outdoor Beams (passives) used are Passive Infrared appliances. These are essentially movement detectors that are attached to an alarm control panel. If the intruder gains access to your house, then, this will cause sound bombs or sirens to go off. More often than not, this is excessively late because the intruder can still go away with portable electronic goods.

Types of Outdoor Beams

Uses of Outdoor Beams

Each type of outdoor beams has their own applications according to their construction. The infrared strip beams are a cost effective solution, offering greater protection at the same time as dipping false alarms. This is a perfect perimeter defense for homes and businesses, offering early warning and peace of mind. These IR strip beams can be used outdoors or indoors and are accessible in a variety of beam designs such as beam quantity, height and range. When two neighboring beams are interrupted at the same time for a time of 40 milliseconds, an alarm situation will cause while the alarm system is equipped.

The outdoor beams, that is designed with Quad-technology and is intended for outside applications. The double head detectors are groundbreaking volumetric detector for outside use. It can be used as a separate detection system or can effortlessly incorporate into any existing or new alarm system.

Why using Outdoor Beams?

There are several reasons in using outdoor beams. Some of them are, the outdoor beams act as an early warning system to detect intruders before they break in to your home. The Roboguard outdoor beams can be used on fishing and camping expeditions due to their portability.

Advantages of Outdoor Beams

Even as a separate alarm system, outdoor beams can be fully incorporated into any systems on hand to trigger the siren or call your equipped reaction. Separate outbuildings and garages can also be covered expediently and wirelessly. The outdoor beams even have uses that can include the capability of monitoring and controlling the system through SMS, so you will make out what is occurring around your home irrespective of the place you are situated.

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