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RoboGuard Outdoor Beams

It is important to have perimeter intrusion detection in the form of outdoor beams. For a large property it is advisable to go wireless as products like the RoboGuard have a 400m range and they are easier and relatively cheap to maintain instead of running wires across the property.

Roboguards for Safety Concerns

What is Roboguard?

Security threats are increasing day by day. Evolving technology is always by our side to help us. Roboguard is a wirless early warning perimeter alarm system to detect the presence of intruders.It contains dual sensors to prevent false alarms. It can safeguard an area of up to 20 meters in radius and 110o or as the human “eye sees”.

What’s in the Kit?

A Roboguard Kit Contains:

  • 1. An HQ (Headquarters)
  • 2. A Transformer (AC-DC)
  • 3. A Telecable communicator( to connect to existing alarm panels, SMS modules, pepper spray, sirens,LED indicator lights etc.)
  • 4. Allen Keys
  • 5. A User Manual

HQ Robogourds

An HQ is a device which monitors the Roboguards. It acts as a mobile receiver. It can report the current status of the Roboguard through the zone lights. These HQs can be active up to 400 meters away from the Roboguard. HQ has a trouble light which will be flashed when the Roboguard is in the need of battery replacement.

Uses of Roboguards:

RoboGuard is completely wireless. This feature makes it as an easy to install security system. These Roboguards can be fixed anywhere. They can be used in Commercial, Residential and Agricultural areas. It can send the information by SMS (if connected to an SMS module). This is mainly used to monitor and protect the premises when there are no manual security guards.

Why to use Roboguards?

Roboguards are actually a boon in the security field. These systems help in minimizing the crimes to a higher extent. Nowadays, we could not find any firms or company without the installation of this security device. They do not replace the functionality of CCTV, but add an extra safety to the surrounding. Suppose, an intruder is trying to break the beam, this system communicates to the HQ to inform about the intruder. It sends the reports to the HQ every 20 minutes regarding the information on its signal, operational status and battery.

Advantages of using a Roboguard:

  • 1. Apart from their security functionality, the following are some of the advantages :
  • 2. These types of security systems can be easily installed (DIY)
  • 3. These devices can interface with other alarm systems too.
  • 4. This system can actively monitor an area of up to 450 meters.
  • 5. This system alerts the user before the intruder thinks about his next move.
  • 6. This system does not require any wire or power supply.
  • 7. This system is UV protected and weatherproof.


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